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Looking for the perfect gift?   Fieldco Foods has an exciting new publication....   A Cookbook dedicated entirely to Kumara!     "Kumara. Flavour of New Zealand, Recipes from the Kaipara", is a book which shows the whole production process of kumara and provides many mouthwatering recipes along with excellent photos of Kaipara and Northland scenery.

A unique publication revolving around an iconic New Zealand vegetable.

Not only does it have over 40 great ways to prepare kumara, from soups to salads to sweets and desserts or just the Classic Kiwi roast meal, it also provides an insight into the intensive production process of this specialty vegetable.  This book includes unique pictures of our district, making the book appeal to more than just the cooks amongst us…

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At a GREAT PRICE of $15.00 including GST and Freight.

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